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Weight Watcher Smart Points

February 6, 2018 · by mark mcnamara · No Comments

“The acorn must become the oak tree. Then the oak tree can become a piano – but you can’t go from acorn to piano.” – Christy Marsden

I admit … I love the above quote. More often than not, when your working toward a goal you’re evolving and growing. But sometimes we don’t even start because of our need to see the ending before we begin. “Who you become in each step is actually what creates the ending,” as stated by Natalie Roy. As they say – it’s the journey.

We at Bliss have had the awesome opportunity to watch some amazing individuals decide to change their lifestyle – take that first step – and focus on their health by improving their nutrition. We all know that eating well helps you feel good. That’s our goal – to make eating well easy.
In an effort to help our guests participating in Weight Watchers, one thing we’ve recently done is to provide a list of Weight Watcher Smart Points for some of our menu items. See details below.

Regardless if you are working a specific eating plan or just trying to improve your everyday nutrition choices, all of our menu items can be customized based on your specific dietary goals and needs. Everything is made-to-order for you!

This month we’re also excited to introduce Expressions of Grace & Cascade Yoga Studio as our newest fitness partner. Below you’ll find an insightful re-post that highlights yogic concepts that help with personal growth and transformation. (Relating back to the acorn – it’s all about how we continue to grow into the person we want to be!) They also have an awesome 2 week special for Bliss customers!

Thank you so much for your business. Wishing you a month of bliss! Eat well!
– Jennifer (& Mark) McNamara, Bliss & Vinegar Owners


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