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Foods to Keep You Cool

June 16, 2017 · by mark mcnamara · No Comments

“It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do.”
– Walter Winchell

With the temps heating up I thought it was worthy to share suggestions on which foods will cool you down this summer.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there exist “warming foods” and “cooling foods.” It’s said that cooling foods help to clear heat and toxins from the body, whereas warming foods increase circulation and raise qi or vital energy. Here are some suggestions to cool down:

1. Cucumber: One of the most cooling foods available. The water content in cucumber is higher than most foods on the planet so you’re hydrating and cooling your body at the same time. (I’ve included a great recipe and family favorite of ours – Tzatziki sauce. We love it on gyros or as a summer snack!)

2. Watermelon: One of the most hydrating water dense foods on the planet. Because of this it’s inherently cooling to your body. Watermelon is like an internal air conditioning unit, just keep it on and keep eating! This addictive summertime fruit also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant that prevents sunburn and UV ray damage. It’s made for summer consumption.

3. Leafy Greens: A great ‘go-to’ food to grab on a hot summer day. All leafy greens contain water and minerals, which help to balance your body by replenishing the adrenal glands which become stressed under heat exhaustion. Leafy greens are also one of the easiest foods to digest which means your body doesn’t have to burn as much energy (creating heat) to digest them.

4. Lemon: Citrus has an incredible cooling effect on the body and also promotes detoxification.

5. Pineapple: It keeps you cool and is the only known source of an enzyme called bromelain, which is credited for reducing inflammation in the body.

6. Coconut water: Coconut is full of health benefits and has wonderful cooling properties. It has simple sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals which help keep the body well hydrated. There’s also evidence to suggest that coconut water has cancer fighting and anti-ageing properties as well.

7. Mint: Mint is often used as a home remedy to provide cooling effect to the body. Mint leaves juice is a great medicine to lower body heat.

We offer many of the above options at Bliss – try a new combo soon! Here’s hoping we all stay cool and have a great, healthy month! Thanks so much for your business!

– Jennifer (& Mark) McNamara, Bliss & Vinegar Owners


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