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Food Alternatives

November 16, 2017 · by mark mcnamara · No Comments

“I’m looking for a moisturizer that hides the fact I’ve been exhausted since 2010!” – Unknown

In a recent conversation with a friend she mentioned how she was out with a group of Europeans and asked them their thoughts on Americans. They responded with, “Americans are exhausted!” Interesting. Not sure I can argue that? It seems that so many of us are in a state of constant motion… either mental, physical or both. Technology has exacerbated the situation. When do we allow our minds and bodies to rest?

I know I personally take great pride in the days when I get a good deal accomplished. But often my mental and creative well-being suffers.

Take this past weekend for example. I went on a gorgeous hike and soaked in the colors and sunshine. (Just awesome!) I also threw two birthday parties for my youngest and almost lost my mind in the process. That hike gave me much needed peace to embrace and power-through the party prep and execution chaos.

I understand that it’s just as important to make the time to recharge mentally and physically (without guilt) as it is to rock out a productive day… but I’m now making more of an effort to put it into practice. And having lived in Europe for a year, I do think Europeans are more successful than we are at allowing time for rest (and often healthier all-around because of it).

So with the non-stop holiday season quickly approaching, I thought it would be beneficial to share some tips (thanks Marisa @ Bring Out Your Bliss) and a class (Margaux Drake’s Sexy in 60!) to help you STAY HEALTHY and BE YOUR BEST this upcoming season and enjoy some much needed respite from our busy world.

Wishing you a great day! Thanks so much for your business!

– Jennifer (& Mark) McNamara, Bliss & Vinegar Owners

P.S. Wanted to highlight an upcoming fitness partner event at Alkalign this Saturday 10/28 @ 9:30 am to support GILDA’s CLUB GR! All the proceeds will go to this amazing organization in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Attend and you could win prizes including a Bliss & Vinegar gift card!)


By: Marisa Griggs, Bring Out Your Bliss

With the holiday season fast approaching, I’m sure many of you will soon find yourself in a complete whirlwind of family gatherings, holiday parties, traveling, shopping trips, work deadlines and more. All of these extra commitments and tasks can cause stress on your mind and body if you don’t take care of yourself during this busy, but exciting time.

One easy way to make sure you get through the holiday season healthy is keeping the quality of what you eat at the forefront of you mind. You should absolutely enjoy the season and the treats that come with it, but there are so many fantastic alternatives to the traditional calorie-laden and processed foods you may be used to that inevitably zap you of energy and certainly aren’t providing your body the quality nutrition it needs to get through the day! I’m excited to share with you a few alternative ingredients that can easily be used in traditional recipes that will keep you satiated, energized and most importantly, healthy!


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