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888 Forest Hill Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

About Us

Photo by:  Lindsey Nawrocki

Chef Mark McNamara, his wife Jennifer, and their four children at the Bliss & Vinegar Opening.

Since 2002, Chef Mark McNamara and his family have owned and operated,
Marco New American Bistro in Forest Hills, MI.  Marco has enjoyed success and a wonderful, loyal following over the years.  So when space became available on the opposite side of the building that housed Marco, they knew they wanted to do something special with it.

Chef Mark would create unique, delicious salads for himself (and for the Marco menu) daily. Over the years he discovered that there were very few quick-service options available for fresh, interesting, and delicious fare.  Appreciating good, healthier food he was determined to create a place where you could quickly get a wonderful, flavorful salad, delicious wrap or hearty quinoa bowl any day of the week.  And after some fun contemplating the name, Bliss & Vinegar was born.

BLISS & VINEGAR came from a desire to eat fresh, healthier food that wasn’t boring and bland but interesting and delicious.  We’re full of it!


  • We offer over 60 TOPPINGS and HOUSE-MADE dressings (vinegars) for you to discover your own bliss!
  • All of our dressing are MADE-FROM-SCRATCH, in-house, and have only NATURAL INGREDIENTS and NO PRESERVATIVES.  (No unidentifiable artificial anything found here!)  They are all vinaigrettes, too.  (Yes, even the creamy ones.)  They are also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN. (Unless it has dairy, of course!).
  • Our produce is ORGANIC when possible and LOCALLY SOURCED when available.
  • We only use NATURALLY raised beef and chicken that are free from hormones and antibiotics.
  • Our packaging is made from RECYCLED materials and is compostable.